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Our 60 min & longer facials bring your glowing skin back. Make you feel phenomenal while addressing your skincare issues. We start with analyzing, steaming, cleansing, exfoliating, and extracting, followed by warm towels, amazing facial massage, custom mask, cleanse, toner, eye cream & moisturizer. Head, neck, shoulder, arm & hands massage while your mask is on! 

Relaxing Facial


This 30min stress headache & sinus-relieving facial utilizes heated towels, a deep cleanser, a phenomenal facial/scalp massage followed by a nourishing moisturizer & a nice firm finish shoulder/neck massage leaves you feeling so fresh & relaxed! A great treat for both women & men. Your hair will be washed/wet. At booking, you may ask for a DRY VIET FACIAL if you prefer for your hair NOT to be washed/wet. 

Have a surprise breakout and are too busy for a full Facial? Do you need your breakout gone ASAP for a special event? We can help! Blackhead/whitehead extraction is included. 

Lifestyle, stress, climate, physical contact, diet, hormonal fluctuations, & cosmetic use have a tendency to irritate acne. Let us help you control your acne with salon treatments & at-home care. Extraction included.

Excellent for sensitized, rosacea & over-processed skin! For the “baby skin” lovers! Lip Plump & Eye Lift Treatment Included!

Boosts circulation, de-puffs eye area, improves skin elasticity, promotes Lymphatic Draining, detoxifying & more! Smooth cool Jade enhance your facial, helping you achieve greater relaxation! Lip Plump & Eye Lift Treatment Included!

Achieve ultra smoothness & radiant skin with this intense treatment! With powerful ingredients like Lactic Acid that re-texturizes the skin & Vitamin A, C, & E that condition skin, improve elasticity & brighten skin tone. Yet, with gentle ingredients like Pear Extract, White Tea, Rose Flower & Licorice to calm the skin. The excellent Facial Massage performance alone makes this a complete ANTI-AGING FREE! Lip Plump & Eye Lift Treatment Included!

Excellent facial massage with luxurious oils, creams, & manual lymph drainage stimulate blood & oxygen to nourish, rejuvenate & tone muscle tissue. Eye Lift & Lip Plump treatment included. The old tired you stay with us while the super fresh new you go home!

BEST SELLER! Best of both worlds! Designed to make you look & feel fabulous. On top of our signature facial performance, an awesome partial body massage with a hot stone on the scalp, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, legs & feet is included. Eye Lift & Lip Plump treatment included! Say hello to the NEW YOU!

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